Our Philoshophy

It is the aim of Wombat Wallow child care centre to provide an environment that has on-going learning and reflective practice for all.

The family is seen as a unit and each child is recognised as a unique individual, and protected by Duty of Care and Mandatory Reporting Legislation.

Within the centre we shall create a sense of belonging where our children can develop self-confidence, feel valued and connected to others and develop meaningful and positive relationships.

We shall use a holistic approach to the teaching and learning.Families, parents and staff work in collaboration to ensure that we provide a diverse program that reflects both group and individual needs.

Respect uniqueness of each family, to strive to learn about their culture structure, lifestyle, customs, language, beliefs and kinship systems.

Staff will offer opportunities to explore, investigate, experiment and participate in shaping the learning environment.

Our Children must be able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing and hearing.

Staff will work as a team by motivating and supporting each other.

When staff feel good about themselves and included within the team environment, they will provide a more supportive role towards the children and their families.

We acknowledge and support the process of children’s play rather that focussing on a final product.

We implement a program which is child directed and adult supported.

Staff will use positive forms of behaviour guidance to maintain a consistent environment and manage challenging behaviours, with continual consultation with parents.

The centre will create and maintain safe, healthy environments, spaces and places which enhance children’s learning, development, engagement, initiative, self worthy, dignity, and show respect for their contributions.